About Checker Bloom

In the sun-soaked realms where crashing waves meet hazy skies, emerges the irresistible sonic fusion of Checker Bloom, a surfy ever so mildly psychedelic indie rock band. Evolving from their indie alternative rock roots, Checker Blooms embarked on a transformative journey, delving into the depths of modern psychedelia while preserving the allure of concise pop rock structures. With lyrics that weave tales of reconciling the with apocalypse and wanderlust-fueled cowboy dreams, the music is a kaleidoscope of emotions and imagery, painting vibrant landscapes of the mind. Join The Bloom as they surf the tides of sonic exploration, crafting tales of love amidst a world teetering on the edge. Checker Bloom tours the west coast playing the likes of the Wild Buffalo, Barboza, The Shakedown and more, while sharing the stage with prominent acts such as Petite Amie, The Schizophonics, and Wine Lips.